Over Kim’s many years working as a leading dermal therapist, she was constantly asked by her clients to achieve dramatic results in skin rejuvenation in a short period of time.

While some clients can easily schedule a series of repeat visits, others have very limited time to achieve significant improvement in their skin’s appearance. A large portion of Kim’s client base is busy professionals and mothers who are time poor.

Kim was determined to find a solution she could offer her clients and after many years of research and trials, Kim developed the The Extreme Skin Workout™ or ESWO™.

This treatment, a first in the Australian market, is performed exclusively by Kim Tran at her clinic La Belle Peau.

The ESWO™ comprises five customized paramedical strength treatments to target common skin complaints, performed in one single sitting. This goes against the traditional one-appointment, one-treatment approach and is designed specifically for busy clients who want extraordinary results.

“Think of it like a three hour cardio session for your skin!” says Kim.

Visible results after just one sitting include the shrinking of open pores, reduction in lines and wrinkles, increased skin firmness, reduced pigmentation, improvement in textural problems and decreased redness.

The ESWO™ also tackles creping skin on the neck and décolletage and sun damage.

The ESWO™ is a great option for patients not yet ready for botox or fillers but with a desire to rejuvenate their skin; the ESWO™ can take years off an individual’s appearance. For our clients that do use botox and or fillers, this works as an effective booster for their existing program of injectables, as it tackles the top layers, which are visible daily to the outside world. Skin is left glowing, dewy and healthy.

Clients can expect the following steps during the ESWO™;

  1. An initial skin consultation and VISIA analysis to determine whether the client is an ideal candidate for the ESWO™. If he/she is suitable a necessary test patch is conducted
  2. Diamond Microdermabrasion to remove surface dead skin cells
  3. A customized peel to deep cleanse and decongest the pores
  4. Cryobroadlight to reduce facial hair, lighten pigmentation, and treat broken capillaries
  5. Direct needle therapy to induce collagen production. A client’s skin will continue to produce collagen for two years after DNT
  6. A hyaluronic acid and peptide mask to replenish moisture and feed the skin powerful anti-aging and healing nutrients.

The ESWO™ takes approximately three hours to complete. The cost is from $1000 per session.